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To ensure that our websites and apps work properly and that your shopping experience is enjoyable Just Brands B.V. ("Just Brands") uses cookies and similar technologies ("cookies"). When you visit one of our websites or apps we will ask you for permission to place cookies. You can read more about cookies below.

Through your privacy settings, you can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies for certain purposes at any time.

This Cookie Policy applies to all Just Brands apps and to the following Just Brands websites:







What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple small file sent with pages from this website and stored by your browser on your device (computer/phone/tablet). The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers during your next visit. A cookie is unique and can only be read by the server that provided it to you. Cookies from Just Brands are safe for your PC, laptop, phone or tablet. By using cookies we can provide you as a visitor with the best possible user experience. For example, we ensure that our websites and apps function properly and load quickly, that you remain logged in and can store undisturbed and that you can receive personalized advice based on previously purchased and/or viewed items.

Cookies can also be used to process personal data. When we process your personal data we will do this in compliance with current privacy legislation. More information about how Just Brands handles your privacy can be found here.


We use the following cookies:

Functional and analytical cookies - Functional and analytical cookies ensure that a website functions properly. These cookies are therefore always used, regardless of your privacy settings. They help us analyze the use of our websites and apps so that we can continuously improve them and provide you with an optimal user experience. We use these cookies based on our legitimate interest.

Cookies for personalization purposes - These cookies allow us to make our own channels (such as our websites and our newsletters) more relevant and personalized. These cookies allow us to provide you with personalized content and targeted recommendations. We use these cookies based on your consent.

Advertising cookies - These cookies allow you to see ads tailored to your interests, for example on social media and external websites. If you do not accept them, you may encounter ads that are less relevant to you. We use these cookies based on your consent.  

How long will cookies be stored?
Most cookies from our websites disappear when you close your browser. Some cookies remain for a few days to a few years. You can delete them yourself at any time via your browser. An overview of the retention period per cookie can be found here. 

Delete or disable cookies
You can change your cookie settings for our websites. You can also delete or disable cookies yourself via your browser settings. Explanation on how to change cookie settings can be found under Help in most browsers. Please note that most websites will not work optimally if you disable cookies.

We will need to change our Cookie Policy from time to time as, for example, our websites or the rules around cookies change. The content of this Cookie Policy and the cookies included in the cookie lists can be changed without prior notice. You can always consult the latest version of the Cookie Policy online via this website. If we want to use cookies for which you have previously given permission for other purposes, we will first ask your permission.


For questions about our Cookie Policy, please contact our customer service team at


Version: March 2023.