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The new hero of Prepare for Glory is the chef and restaurant owner Freek van Noortwijk. This 27-year-old has been making a name for himself in Amsterdam's gastronomic scene. With his ownership of already 2 restaurants in Amsterdam, named Guts & Glory and Breda, and his enthusiasm we think he has a lot more to offer. Read all about his passion for cooking, his willingness to go all out, and his great love -- Katja Schuurman.

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During his studies in business economics, he worked with his current business partner at the Daalder restaurant in Amsterdam. They cooked up a storm in a tiny 2m x 2m kitchen, and even did the washing up afterwards. Freek always considered it a hobby and planned to do something in the business world once he had finished his studies. When renowned chefs spoke highly of the two partners' skills, they got the sense that it would be a lost opportunity if they did not continue in the culinary field. Though they had no formal training in cooking, the two guys carried on, and that's how it all started.

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"All of a sudden we found ourselves the talk of the town, partly because Jonnie Boer and other top chefs spoke highly of us. Then I realized that we had to continue"
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Since both his parents are entrepreneurs, Freek had from his early years become familiar with the field of business. He learned from them to invest with prudence and circumspection, but also to take risks in order to cash in on opportunities. He took out an additional mortgage on his home in order to be able to invest thousands in his restaurants Guts & Glory and Breda. Both restaurants are now running like clockwork and much of the initial investment has been repaid.

Relaxation is very important to Freek. He does not see himself as the traditional chef who is at work 24/7. Watching an exciting series or making love with his girlfriend Katja Schuurman are at the top of his list. He does his very best to maintain a sound work-life balance. This keeps him relaxed, which means he can perform better.

"If you don't want to take any risks, you have to accept being average. I'm never satisfied with being average, in any sense of the word."

In December, Freek and his partner Guillaume will open their third restaurant, named Pita. Street food of the highest quality will be the watchword!

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